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What Damage Can a Leaking Roof Cause in Scarsdale, NY? Ceiling Collapse, Mold Inside House & More

The roof is an essential element to every home or building. It serves as a barrier against the assortment of weather conditions including sun’s intense rays, heavy snow fall, gusty winds, hard rain and damaging hail as well as critters seeking refuge. Keeping the roof in tip top condition spares you the inconvenience of having to endure the exposure of unpleasantness. When you discover you have a leaky roof, however, it is important that you get the problem repairs as soon as possible, or you could experience some additional dangers. We at Suburban / Larchmont Roofing would like to list the consequences a leaky roof entails for your understanding.

Why Does My Roof Leak?

Leaky roofs can occur for a number of reasons; poor installation, lack of maintenance, severe wind or storm damage, pest damage, and intrusive tree limbs. Simple, natural deterioration could also be the cause, as most roofs can only be expected to last 20-30 years. Allowing the leaks to persist results in additional issues that can take hold.

A Leaking Roof Can Cause Attic & Ceiling Damage

Useable attics that generally get utilized for storage purposes will get water damage, that more often than not, is irreversible. If it continues, the attic walls and floor will continue to deteriorate. In unfinished attics, insulation is susceptible to water damage and mold outbreaks. The water damage can continue until the ceiling becomes susceptible to collapse.

Interior Mold & Mildew from Roof Leak

As mentioned before, mold can take root, and once it does, it can easily spread throughout the entire home, contaminating everything through your home with favorable conditions. The spores take flight through the HVAC system and deposit in nooks and crannies, frequently going undiscovered, as mold thrives in dark, moist, and warm areas. Mold can not only diminish the structure, but it can be harmful and make people ill, or cause chronic allergy issues. People already inflicted with respiratory issues, asthma and allergies experience more negative setbacks, but those without underlining problems might experience nasal congestions, runny nose, irritated throats and breathing difficulties.

Is a Leaking Roof a Fire or Safety Hazard?

Water and electricity don’t mix. With a leaky roof, water can drip and pool, when it comes into direct contact with live electrical outlets or exposed wires, it can ignite causing a fire to engulf, and potentially turn your home to sunders. In addition, leaky roofs eventually create puddles. Where this isn’t life threatening, it can cause people to slip on various services, which can lead to severe injuries.

Damaged Insulation Leads to Excessive Utility Bills

When the insulation becomes damaged, it is no longer up to performance. After long term abuse from leaky rooftops, the insulation will not be functioning accordingly, making your HVAC unit run insufficiently, causing excessive utility bills and wasted energy.

Leaking Roof Affects Structural Integrity

With a leaky roof, the water damage slowly inflict the attic, then the ceiling, followed by the walls, once structure is compromised, severe damage is imposed and becomes costly to repair and contribute to harmful safety hazards.

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When you first notice a leaky roof, you should get it repaired as soon as possible. With the professionals at Suburban / Larchmont Roofing, we can get your roof repaired quickly and efficiently. Call us today to get started!

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